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Fast paced financial markets demand skills and expertise from both the internal and external resources they employ. Communicating information such as the latest currency movements, commodity deals and investment funds information is crucial to the profitable survival of any financial institution.

An efficient, secure and reliable service for all your messaging needs from a reputable and progressive company is essential. Stracom provides this service with cost-effective messaging including telex, fax and e-mail.

Keeping you informed

The information communicated is itself a commodity and one you need to keep track of until it reaches it destination. Upon delivery a confirmation is sent directly to either your email inbox or fax/telex machine, so you’ll know for sure when your message has been delivered. If for some reason your message has not been received, a non-delivery notification is sent, so you’ll know why. These reports and notifications make sure you always know what’s happening and you stay in control.

Flexible telex and fax services to supplement screen based trading

We offer a variety of telex and fax services to meet your needs including faxing directly from your PC, faxing to a broadcast list, sending telexes and faxes via the Internet as well as traditional methods of communication.

By interfacing to various financial application software packages we provide the communications service you need. You have a choice of using your own software or our special applications to prepare and send your message, all using our network. Our flexible services make sure you use our network to your maximum advantage.

Security you can rely on

Stracom meets the exacting security requirements demanded by the finance industry to provide a secure and reliable service. Access to the service is password protected. Users are also encouraged to provide the recipient’s telex answerback, so this can be verified in every telex message.

No messages are ever seen by any Stracom operators and almost all are delivered automatically. However, if automatic delivery fails because of a manual exchange or incorrect format, when our staff directs the message manually they only see the reference numbers and address details. They do not access the actual message, thus providing a secure transmission for your sensitive information with the best possible chance of delivery.

Reliable Service

You can rely on the Stracom network – our tandem’s non-stop fault tolerant multi-processor system is at the heart of our service. By writing each and every message to two separate disks, no details can be lost if there is a disk drive failure. In addition Stracom’s host computer has its own uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and a back up electricity generator - ensuring smooth operation at all times. For added reliability and further services, we run a duplicate system in London. This provides additional processing capacity and disaster back up to keep our services going no matter what the problems.

Fast and cost effective transmissions

Stracom’s transmission rates are frequently lower than other telecommunication companies. Visible savings can be made across the whole range of our services for both in-house and external communications. To help you monitor your costs, we provide fully itemized monthly bills with departmental codes.

Your time is money, so make your communications easier and less consuming, Stracom offers broadcast services. You only send your message once along with your broadcast list and we will distribute to everyone on your list. Our broadcast facility is particularly useful if you frequently send the same information to many addresses. We also retry any busy numbers to ensure maximum successful delivery, leaving you free to continue work.

Our network can be accessed by telex, direct dial, X.25 public packet switching and data communications as high speed. And with local nodes in most major financial cities, access is only a local call away. Many financial institutions, particularly large users prefer leased circuit access (supporting X.25, frame relay or IP), although this is not required to start using the service.

Stracom can offer a “one stop shop” for all your messaging needs. With our reliable, fast, secure network we could lower your communication costs.