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Maritime Industries

Communications play a vital role in any business. In the shipping industry, reliable and efficient messaging is
particularly essential, so you need a communications partner that will understand your specialist requirements.

Stracom has many years specialist experience in the shipping industry, helping those at sea to keep in touch with those on land and vice versa.

Integrated, Single Source Solutions

Stracom offers the marine industry more than just the ability to keep in touch. Our range of
communication services and software cover all aspects of the industry, providing a “one stop shop”.
We can develop solutions to fulfill your specific requirements. Alternatively, the software and
communications services can be used separately or in conjunction with other suppliers, to suit your particular
needs. Our systems work with the latest technology, whilst also utilizing your existing hardware, including
telex and fax. Our fully trained staff will be able to offer the services you need to ensure cost effective

Reduce your costs

Stracom can save you money, as well as providing you with a high quality reliable service. Our secure, private global network provides substantial savings on international message transmissions.

Our specialist shipping services are specifically designed to make the most efficient use of satellite transmission times for messaging and hence reduce the cost of using this otherwise expensive medium.

Connecting the Shipping Community

Over 3500 shipping companies already rely on the system, including brokers, cargo owners, ship owners and managers, liner agents and operators, as well as freight forwarders.

Meeting your requirements – big or small

Stracom offers comprehensive messaging services and software for telex, fax and e-mail including:-

Messagemate – a simple and easy to use text preparation package that handles messages transmissions via the network. It provides an excellent basic communication tool, available for a single user or as a LAN version.

Mail Connect – providing an interface to popular office email packages such as Lotus cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, MS Outlook, etc, allowing you to send faxes and telex as well as e-mails.

Fax Services – Stracom offers a variety of fax services to help you keep in touch in the most convenient way for you. These include sending faxes direct from your PC, using Internet Fax and our Broadcast Fax for sending to a multiple of addresses.

Ocean Connect – this unique specialist service from Stracom allows you to utilise your existing onboard Inmarsat A, B or C telex terminals to send e-mails, fax and telex. Designed for the shipping industry, it covers all four oceans and takes advantage of our global network. There is no new equipment or software to buy or learn.


Delivery confirmations are sent for every message, or a non-delivery notification if the message has been cancelled, so you know when your message has been received.

SABRE” - this program specifically designed for the shipping industry allows you to track your messaging and costs associated to each ship and easily download the information for billing purposes, when required.