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Stracom E-mail to Fax Service uses your existing e-mail system and network technology to send faxes over the Internet.

There’s no hardware to deploy, software to install, or training to conduct. By leveraging your existing network infrastructure, you can merge Internet fax with e-mail in one system, - providing the lowest cost of faxing imaginable.

Service Overview

Stracom E-mail to Fax Service is an e-mail based internet fax service that enables an unlimited number of users to send faxes right from their PCs by addressing an e-mail to the recipient’s fax number. Most types of documents or files can be sent, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Lotus SmartSuite, Corel, Visio, HTML, RTF, TIFF, PDF, PostScript and more.

Easy to Outsource

All document conversion and delivery is handled within the network. This makes it easy for IT departments to completely outsource their fax applications and slash messaging costs by freeing the company from purchasing, deploying and managing its own costly fax infrastructure.

So simple you can start faxing immediately

Because Stracom E-mail to Fax Service works with your existing technology, there is no client or server software to install or hardware to deploy. Further, your users already know everything they need to start faxing immediately. If they can send an e-mail, they can send a fax.

So efficient, you can deploy it company wide

You already have the infrastructure you need to deploy desktop faxing company wide. Simply by registering user e-mail addresses with Stracom you can bring up entire workgroups or locations anywhere in the world – in a matter of minutes, not months.

So scalable, you’ll never outgrow it

Because your documents are handled by Stracom’s Message Delivery Platform, Stracom E-mail to Fax Service enables any number of users to simultaneously send.


Stracom’s E-mail to Fax Service now fully supports industry standard encryption techniques. Now you can rest assured that if you send a message into the service that is encrypted, it will maintain its integrity and secrecy.

This gives you the piece of mind to ensure that your documents will not be viewed or tampered with whilst in transit.


To send a fax from an e-mail account, simply:

  1. Create an e-mail message, which becomes the fax cover sheet.
  2. Address the message to the recipient’s faxnumber@ipmsg.com.
  3. Attach the document(s) and hit SEND.

The e-mail and its attachment gets delivered as a fax to the recipient’s fax machine anywhere in the world. The sender then receives an e-mail confirming the document delivery.

Why overspend on a fax server system that scales to a capacity you hardly ever need? When you need peak capacity – it’s there with Stracom E-mail to Fax at a fraction of the cost.

How do we Compare?

See How Stracom E-Mail to Fax Service Compares to Fax machines and Fax Servers:

Email to Fax
Fax Server
Fax Machine
Automatic Retries
Account codes for cost tracking
Easy Archiving
Easy Re-Sending
Faxing from the PC
Delivery notices directly to sender
Fast easy fax broadcasting
Scalable – easily accommodates more users
Limitless capacity
Nothing to deploy or manage
Minimal end user support intervention
No significant capital investment
No costly maintenance required
No charge for non-deliveries
No interruptions due to system failures
No interruptions during upgrades
No physical space required
No additional telecommunication facilities



Fax to Email

When you need to receive a fax, save time by receiving it directly to your PC as Internet e-mail with attachment.

Email to Fax User Guide
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Email to Fax Quick Guide
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