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Send telex messages from your PC

When you need to send a telex, save time by sending it directly from your PC as Internet e-mail. Now sending telexes is as simple as sending an email. There is no need to use a telex machine. Simply use your existing e-mail software such as MS Outlookâ, Lotus cc:Mailâ and Notesâ or any Internet mail package and your existing internet e-mail connection.

If you can send Internet e-mail, you can use this service. Internet Telex is available worldwide on all operating systems including Windows, DOS and Unix.

Easy to use

No new software needs to be installed on your PC. Therefore, there is no training required, so you can
take full advantage of the service immediately after registration. Simply address the e-mail to the
appropriate telex number Stracom’s special e-mail address, and we will do the rest.

The address can be stored in your standard e-mail address book, so next time you want to send a telex to the same
number, you can select it quickly and easily. This saves you even more time on frequently used telex numbers.

You simply type your message into the body of the e-mail and it is automatically converted into telex.

You can send messages to multiple telex numbers or combination of telex, e-mail and fax addresses (text only for telex addresses).

Save time and money

Once you have sent the message, we take over. The service leaves your PC free for you to continue working. The Stracom global network receives the email from the Internet, converts the text into a telex and sends it to the telex number or numbers. Busy numbers are automatically re-tried, saving your time and reducing frustration.

You will know when your message has been delivered, as we send a confirmation of delivery direct to your inbox, or a non-delivery notification if the message has been cancelled.

Our Internet Telex service requires no investment, so all you need to do is register to use the service.

Stracom’s very competitive delivery rates also save you more money and there is no disruption to your business.

We offer superior support through our 24-hour international service center in London. Providing you with a service you can rely on.

Reports to keep you informed

As well as the confirmation sent immediately after delivery or cancellation, a variety of reports, sent to your Internet e-mail address are available to keep you informed.

Scheduled reports are available daily, weekly or both, as requested. These reports list all messages, with their status or delivered or cancelled, which have been sent over the period.

Status on demand reports can be requested by e-mail whenever you wish for updates on today or yesterday’s messages. Registering for Internet Telex will also allow you to use the Internet Fax service, to make sending faxes easy as well.



Telex to Email

When you need to receive a fax, save time by receiving it directly to your PC as Internet e-mail with attachment.

Email to Telex Quick Guide
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