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Maritime Industry Specialists

Communications play a vital role in any business. In the maritime industry, reliable and efficient messaging is particularly essential, so you need a communications partner that will understand your specialist requirements.

Stracom is a specialist in the maritime industry, helping those at sea to keep in touch with those on land and vice versa.

Email to Inmarsat C offers the ability to send text messages via email to ships equipped with Inmarsat-C Terminals and with automatic ocean hunt facilities. Where many service providers only provide Email to Inmarsat C, Stracom offers messaging services to Inmarsat A & B also. For more information about these services see below.

Easy to Use

The only requirement is an Internet connection with an Internet e-mail account, no additional software or hardware
is required allowing you to send messages at any time, from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.


You are only charged for successfully delivered messages. Keeping your costs down in these tough economic times.

Automatic Ocean Hunt

The message is sent initially to the ocean chosen by the ocean code. If the vessel is not located then the service automatically hunts the other oceans until the vessel is located. Thus allowing you, the sender, the confidence that your vessel will be located and your message delivered.

Retry Facility

The service will continue to retry sending the message for up to 24 hours. You can chose how long you wish to
have the service retry the message for you, whilst you get back to work.

Message Status Report

After the message has been received you will receive an acknowledgement report advising that the message has
been received at the service. Once the message is sent you will receive a delivery notification or non-delivery
notification depending on the success or otherwise of the message. Each of these reports contains a unique reference number, which allows easy reconciliation with your original message and a point of reference for future enquiries.

Fast and Efficient Costing

“SABRE” – Stracom developed this program specifically for the shipping industry and is provided to our
clients, free of charge.

Sabre has been designed to provide an automatic recovery system for your Inmarsat messages when the ship leaves port. You simply click a button and you have a detailed invoice for cost recovery purposes. An essential tool for any agency.

Dedicated Account Manager

Once you have an account with us, you are appointed a dedicated account manager who is available to assist you - 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Our customers have found that our services are so reliable that this offer is rarely required, however should the need arise you have confidence that there is someone their to assist you.


Stracom also provides telex and/or facsimile transmissions messaging via Inmarsat A & B.

Inmarsat A has provided over twenty years of reliable communication for the maritime industry. Inmarsat A
offers fax services at 9.6 kbit/sec capabilities.

Inmarsat B is a digital service and offers fax services at 9.6 kbit/sec, and also telex.

For information regarding these additional services, contact us


Email to inmarsat C
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